Getting a new tattoo is an exciting and fun process! In order to make it the best
experience possible, we ask you review and do the following before your

-Beginning at least the night before your tattoo, drink lots of water.  Continue hydrating throughout the day up to and during your tattoo.  The better
hydrated your skin is during the tattoo, it will take ink quicker and more evenly.  This not only makes the tattoo look better and go faster (which will
make it cheaper for you) but will make the experience much less painful.

-Please eat a decent meal before coming. If you are between meals, stop and get a candy bar and some orange juice or soda on your way to the
shop. Raising your blood sugar will make you feel better during the process, especially if you haven't eaten in a while or had a night on the town the
evening prior.

-You are welcome to bring someone with you to share the tattoo experience. We ask you don't bring a crowd as it becomes a distraction and safety
hazard. We have comfortable seating for guests in our waiting area.  You wouldn't have a crowd of your friends and family in the exam room
bumping into your dentist and trying to put their camera phones in his face while getting a dental procedure, please show your tattoo Artist the same

-Please wear clothing that will allow access to the area where we will be applying your tattoo. Wear something you don't mind getting stained.
During the application of your tattoo, we'll try to be careful but ink may get on your clothing in the area where you're being tattooed.

-We don't have an ATM. You'll need to stop prior to coming if you prefer cash for your payment or for tipping your Artist.  We do take credit/debit
cards if you prefer to pay with that method.  Please don't ask us to accept personal checks.

-DO NOT SHOW UP UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS. State law dictates if you are observed to be intoxicated or high, you
will not be tattooed that day.  You'll likely lose your deposit and will go to the back of the line for re-scheduling.  Smoking Marijuana generally
increases your skin sensitivity (pain level) during the tattooing process and drinking alcohol makes you bleed more affecting how much ink actually
remains in your tattoo.  If you begin drinking or taking drugs after your tattoo process has started, your Artist will stop tattooing you when they
become aware of it.

-Please be aware you're in a public, professional environment.  We won't offend you by using offensive/vulgar language or behavior and we request
the same courtesy. Our wives, children or those of our clients may be within earshot of the tattooing area: we wouldn't come to your house and
disrespect you or your get the idea.

We look forward to working with you on your tattoo projects.


You will receive a price quote from the Tattooist before beginning the tattoo. You can either accept the price and begin the tattoo or you can walk
out. DON'T DICKER with the Tattooist over the price; you aren't buying a piece of junk at a flea-market, you're about to get a piece of art that will
last for the rest of your life. If you can't afford the tattoo, please go home, save up and return. Don't compromise the art because of the price. If you're
choosing between buying baby food and getting a new tattoo, hopefully you won't be at the Tattoo Shop.  At our shop, you get what you pay for; if
you only have a limited amount but want a more expensive tattoo, please discuss this with your Tattooist.  If you only have enough to cover a limited
period of time, we can find a good stopping point that day and you can return when you have more money to complete the piece.  We don't ask for
the entire amount up front on multi-session tattoos.

YES IT HURTS! Most would describe the pain as scratching a sunburn with your fingernail. It's actually more annoying than painful and pretty much
quits as soon as the tattooing process is over. Either way, prepare yourself for the reality of discomfort during the application of your tattoo; if they
didn't hurt it wouldn't be a badge of honor.  DON'T FREAK OUT. Chances are, your Tattooist and everyone else in a tattoo shop has tattoos. They
know what the process feels like and won't be impressed if you act like a fool while getting tattooed. Screaming, crying, and by all means MOVING
won't help lessen the pain and will likely get you short-changed in the ink department. You'll scare off other customers and will make your Artist less
apt to include those special extra touches he or she had planned for you.  We do have numbing products available if you are unable to remain still
while receiving your tattoo.

Tattooists don't get paid a standard hourly wage; tipping is always appreciated but not expected.  Hand the tip to your Artist after you've been
bandaged or ask that the tip be added to your card when paying with a credit/debit card.  Chances are, you've been given a good price for your
tattoo and were treated well while at the shop. Maybe you saw the Artist turn others away while doing or speaking to you about your tattoo; if so,
that was money walking out the door. Tipping is greatly appreciated

You will be asked to silence your cellphone and not take photographs or videos while in the shop.  If your cell phone suddenly flashes or makes a
noise and startles an Artist concentrating on the tattoo they're applying you may be held responsible for the cost of the repair.  No photos or videos
are allowed (a "selfie" is a photo).  Our staff and the other clients in the shop which include public figures, etc, do not wish to be on other people's
social media pages.  A photo taken during the application of a tattoo can often misrepresent the Artist's work or the final product.   Please show us
and other clients the same phone courtesy you would observe in other professional environments.