Let's face it, the human body is a wondrous creation that is designed to heal itself.  There
are many schools of thought on tattoo aftercare and most of them will result in a
well-healed tattoo.  Here are our recommendations for taking care of your new tattoo.

- If your Artist applied "Derm" which is a protective clear film over your tattoo, simply leave
it on as long as it will stay on, up to one week.  Don't pick at it or try to work the fluid out
that may build up under the film.  If the edges begin to roll up or come loose, simply trim
them off with scissors. Once you remove it (at least four days), pull straight down against
the derm from an upper corner and wash your new tattoo with antibacterial soap and
water.  Use unscented lotion during the remainder of your healing process.

-If your tattoo was bandaged or wrapped in cling-wrap, leave the covering on for about an
hour or so after you leave the shop.  If it is stuck to the tattoo, soak it with warm water and
it will come off easily; DON'T JUST PULL IT OFF or you'll lose ink.

-The fist night, wash your new tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap using only
your hand (no washcloth).  Pat it dry with a
clean towel, allow to dry and apply a VERY
thin coat of A&D ointment, don't bandage.  We will provide you with packets of ointment, if
you have A&D ointment already, please use what we give you rather than the tube you
already own.  There is likely bacteria built up on the tube you have, which would be bad to
introduce into your tattoo.  You might want to wear something you don't mind getting
stained as your new tattoo may weep ink and/or blood the first night and can stain your

-For 3 days, wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap three to four times a day.  
Allow it to dry thoroughly after washing, then apply a THIN coat of A&D ointment or
Bacitracin (never Neosporin, Triple Antibiotic Ointments or Vaseline).  

-After three days, continue to keep it clean and moist with unscented hand lotion.  Do not
use a petroleum based product.  

Your tattoo will likely take three to four weeks to heal.  When the waxy/shiny look goes
away, the tattoo is pretty much healed.

*Your Artist may recommend a slightly modified version of these instructions depending
on the style of tattoo you have and method in which it was applied.


DON'T soak your tattoo under water (such as in a bathtub) until healed.  DON'T use
Vaseline or Neosporin on your new tattoo.

DON'T go swimming for 3-4 weeks.  Chlorine will remove your color and non-chlorinated
areas will allow bacteria into your wound which will cause infection.

DON'T pick at scabs.  You may have scabs form when your tattoo is new.  This is
if not washed frequently, but care must be taken to not pick them or you'll pull out

DON'T OVER-APPLY OINTMENT or use pain-relieving patches such as lidocaine
patches or other products not designed for tattoos.  We have paint relieving soap available
specifically designed for healing a new tattoo.

DON'T dry-heal.  Your tattoo must be kept moist to prevent the tattoo from drying out and
cracking.  Cracks in your tattoo will cause
tiny scar lines devoid of color when it heals.

Your tattoo is a work of art that will last a lifetime if properly cared for.  If you believe your
tattoo may need a touch-up after healing, stop in and let your Artist see it.  If a touch up is
required, it will be completed at no cost to you for up to a year.  All tattoos fade or change
appearance slightly once healed, touch ups are for actual damage to the tattoo.